Ranting and Raving

In light of the recent fame of Angela vs Bath and Body works I have collected some other YouTube rants about the hospitality industry. Unlike Angela’s video however the customers are the ones being called out. These are two of the most appropriate rants I could find.



The first is once again from the servers point of view but the second goes into the effect on other customers. I would like to note the difference in specifics between the two. I have spoken several times about the power customers hold in the hospitality industry. This power is used positively in the second rant as the speaker is able to detail a specific incident.

The first video is more generalised in its description of the incident and shifts focus to multiple areas of frustration from working as a waitress. The waitress is more aware of the whole situation which makes it easier to become frustrated with related elements of the job. The customer focusses in on one incident they experienced and how it affected their enjoyment. The difference here is the incident for the waitress is the last straw while for the customer it is a bizarre anomaly encouraging them to make the video. Which touches on another problem entirely: bad customers ruin it for good customers. Trisha (the customer) emphasizes that while the bad customers didn’t ruin her evening they did intrude upon it. The actions of rude customers have a rippling negative effect on literally everyone but them.

Another interesting point from the second video is that there would have been no problem if the rude customers had complained properly. This shows how potentially valid complaints become invalidated by behaviour. Trisha assumes a lot about the  customer’s as her perception of them has been warped by their attitude. There would have been no disruption if the customers had simply requested to have their rice warmed up rather than complaining that it was cold. It is a fine distinction between giving a person a chance to redeem themselves in your eyes and settling heavily into your perception of the place. Please give your servers a chance to redeem themselves and the establishment. If not for them then so you don’t end up as one of these guys; who other customers have deemed so ridiculously wrong in their handling of a situation that it’s something the internet needs to see.






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