Top 10 Ways To Get Great Customer Service!

Some fantastic ways to be a better customer! While this is to do with retail- not hospitality- a lot of the same rules can be applied. Number Two really gets me whereas number one sort of make me mad to look at. Mainly because it makes me think of all the times I’ve argued myself horse over store policy only to have a more senior staff member over ride it ugh. But seriously this is a great post very good at articulating all the annoyance and funny too! TLC


10. Acknowledge the sales assistant that greets you as you enter the store.

Why? This establishes a positive interaction. Often this person is the first point of call for customers who have a question about something, and acting in a pleasant and courteous manner makes them happier to help you out.

9. Don’t get irritated when someone asks if you need any help.

Why? They’re asking you, to be nice, not to annoy you. Browsing is fine, a simple “No thanks, I’m just browsing” will suffice and will lay a positive foundation for any future interaction. That same person will likely be the one you go to if you have any questions or want to make a purchase.

8. If purchasing or scoping out a big ticket item, come in to the store with a prepared list of questions.

Why? This way, you get concise, appropriate information about aspects that…

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